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Workshops on both sculpting and miniature painting are possible. Some popular topics for painting include (and can be combined):

  • brush control

  • contrast and composition

  • light

  • skintones

  • non metallic metal

  • texture


Sculpting workshops can range from 32mm scale to 1:10 busts and cover


  • basics, such as how to work with armatures

  • as well as anatomy,

  • character design

  • stylizing for scale

  • and many more 



If you are interested in a workshop in your city feel free to contact me.


What I need from you is a location that can hold 10-14 people. You know your area better than I ever can and as soon as we have a location we can plan all the rest. If you have a group of interested people already, that's great! If you only have the location we can always make an announcement and fill up the spots. 

If you help me organise a workshp in your area you will be able to attend the workshop for FREE!


  • Vienna, Austria (planning stages)

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