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I have been sculpting since 2007 and I have been doing comission sculpting since 2013. You can see my finished sculpts in my Gallery.

I am a miniature designer and I have done various pieces for different companies and museums and I run a high quality miniature and bust line myself. You can find copies of them in the Online Store.

If you are interested in having a sculpt done for personal use or for your company contact me with details about what you need and I can give you an estimate of the costs.



I started miniature painting as a hobby in 2002 and have striven to improve my skills ever since. You can see my finished works in my Gallery, check out the videos on my Youtube channel, or get access to my exclusive painting tutorials on Patreon

Even though I have won multiple international painting awards, Golden Demon trophies in the double digits among them, I believe that painting should first and foremost be fun and fulfilling. And this is also my focus in my professional painting career. What good are trophies when you are not having fun?

You can see me livestream on Youtube and Twitch every Monday, 14:00 UTC. 



I am teaching how to paint miniatures and how to sculpt miniatures and busts to people all over the world. Miniature painting and sculpting is a fun and worthwhile hobby!

 If you are interested in learning and improving your skills you can check out my
video tutorials or you can visit one of my workshops, invite me to your city to teach a class or sign up for a private coaching.  

My teaching is rooted in enjoyment of the art and crafts related to the hobby and is backed up by my degree as a teacher, which has helped me refine the didactics of all my teaching material, such as PDFs, video tutorials and real life classes.

If you want the full teaching package you can always join my Patreon to get access to all the content, or you can purchase my guides from the Online Store.


Get notified about new releases, upcomming workshops, events and much more!

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